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clean switch | contact-free switch

Strict hygiene standards are imposed in healthcare facilities and all fields of food preparation. The spreading of bacteria and viruses on contact surfaces – door handles in particular – presents a major challenge in these areas.

CleanSwitch opens doors contactlessly and thus hygienic. It works by means of a deliberate hand gesture within the detection range. Thanks to its attractive design featuring coloured LED feedback, CleanSwitch is an intuitive, user-friendly switch solution. It takes just a few minutes to install in any standard flush-mounted box. The highly durable front can be treated using standard surface disinfectants in hospital areas. To ensure that it can be used without any problems in particularly moist or wet environments, CleanSwitch offers reliable protection that meets IP65.

CleanSwitch's visually appealing design can be adapted in a whole range of ways to suit customers' preferences. It takes just a few seconds to change the colour, brightness and mode of the optical feedback – without tools. Bircher also supplies a wide selection of pictograms that can be printed onto the device front.

  • client:BBC Bircher Smart Access
  • tag:industrial design, product design, showcase