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  • Industrial Design
  • Technical Development
  • Product Innovation
  • user experience
  • Corporate Identity



  • Design concepts

    Based on your needs we develop a wide range of design concepts. Maybe some concepts are a bit radical, others maybe more conservative. This is a base for discussion. Let's try to figure out where the journey will go. It is our aim to show different ways to g. Still every concept we show in this step will be feasible.
  • Idea generation

    Ideas are a results of a creative process based on workflows and evaluation methods. Don't wait for ideas; provoke them.
  • product innovation

    An ongoing innovation process are essential for sustainable success. As an external partner, we support you for both radical and incremental innovation, and help to establish a innovation culture in your company.
  • technical development

    We offer profound technological knowledge in construction and engineering. We develop 3D-CAD models and working prototypes.
  • design consulting

    We offer consulting services in conceptual, creative and human centered design. As external partners, we have a view outside of the box and will support you with our expertise.
  • User interface design

    We develop strategies for the interaction between user and machines in order to optimize usability. The goal is a natural intuitiv interaction process between the user and the machine.
  • corporate design

    We shape your corporate identity by offering concepts for brand value, marketing ideas, POS-material, product design and communication strategies. It is a key to success that all communication material follows one basic design strategy.
  • human factor design

    We are designing specific user related details to improve the usability and ergonomics of products. The goal of human factors is to reduce human error, increase productivity, and enhance safety and comfort with a specific focus on the interaction between the human and the thing of interest.
  • Redesign study

    We redesign products in contemporary design. At the same time we optimize usability, material sourcing and production.
  • High-end renderings

    In the design process, we create meaningful high-end images to show details and materials close to reality. These CGI renderings can also be used for packaging or advertising purposes.
  • Prototypes / 3D Prints

    We create prototypes to check proportion, feasibility and ergonomics. Thanks to our in-house 3D Printer we produce fast and precise mockups. Design models can be used for presentations, photo shoots or trade exhibitions.
  • Factory sourcing

    We are in contact with factories all over the world. In a well-proved sourcing method, we find the right partner for you.

About us

The focus of BERNHARD | BURKARD design studio lies on innovative and creative industrial design services that fits customer and clients. Our aim is to create products with high technical and esthetic standarts on an appropriate resource management.  

Design starts with a call for change. Besides elaborate technical skills it needs curiosity and the will to face the world with open eyes. Beyond styling and optical dressing, contemporary design, as a process for products and communication, will generate the additional benefit that leads to sustainable success for all users.


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