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tim | table fan

Tim by Stadler Formwas developed with the aim of creatinga small, finely adjustable fan that is very quiet and stands out due to his low power consumption. At first glance, Timmay seem like an ordinary fan, but at the second one, he emerges as a very quiet and adaptable new roommate! Silent and yet noticeable, he convinces with his sporty and elegant appearance.

Equipped with a USB cable for mobile use and an adapter for home use, he becomes a constant companion. Whether in the office, on the lawn, at the campsite or on the road: Used with an external battery pack, Tim always provides fresh air. Thanks to continuously adjustable speed levels by means of a rotary control, he adapts to every need and allows individual refreshment: from a gentle breeze to strong wind, everything is possible. Tim is flexible and precise at the same time, because his rotatable and inclinablefan ring can be swivelled for precise positioning of the air flow.

  • client:Stadler Form
  • tag:industrial design, product design, showcase